L B Camden Drinking Fountain St James Gardens Kings Cross

L B Camden Drinking Fountain
St James Gardens Kings Cross

The drinking fountain dates back to 1886 -1887 and resembles a pattern illustrated in the MacFarlane’s catalogue of c1880 – the catalogue was used throughout the UK to purchase cast iron products from the MacFarlane Foundry in Scotland. The fountain is made in cast iron and the design consists of a bowl on a four shafted stem on an octagonal base with four ornate arched arms projecting above the bowl. The fountain had no visible manufacturer’s inscription.

Metalcraft was approached in early 2019 by L B Camden and asked to inspect the remains of the fountain currently stored at their depot in Waterlow Park in Highgate. Before visiting the depot we carried out some research and found the fountain in Historic England’s “At Risk” Register and showing a basic photograph of the fountain.

The design team at Metalcraft made their first visit to view the fountain and were shocked to see a pile of rusty broken components on a pallet. This was going to be a real challenge! The pallet was collected and brought to our restoration department in our factory in north London. The components were laid out and the delicate task of piecing them together began. It was immediately apparent that many pieces were missing and we therefore commenced manufacturing patterns from which the new cast iron components would be cast.

After many weeks and many painstaking hours, the fountain restoration began to show results. The missing components were cast and fixed into the “jigsaw”. The result of this dedicated work is self-evident and Metalcraft is proud to have restored this fountain to its former glory.