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Spiral Staircases

We have a comprehensive range of spiral staircases. Our range extends from plain mild steel spiral stairs incorporating plain balusters and durbar treads and landing plates, which are used solely for external use, to highly decorative cast iron and cast aluminium staircases used both in internal and external situations.

Traditional Staircases

We offer traditional Victorian style cast iron or cast aluminium spiral staircases for internal or external use. The stairs are beautifully manufactured and can be clockwise ascending or anti-clockwise ascending. We also compliment the stairs with landings which can be manufactured to suit site dimensions with matching perimeter balustrading.

Plain Staircases

Plain spiral staircases are generally manufactured in mild steel with durbar treads when used as an external fire escape. All of our staircases comply to BS 5395 Part 2 and Part K of the current Building Regulations. Staircases are separated into five categories each requiring specific dimensions depending on the exact usage. Please contact us for further details.