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Replacing old metalwork, refurbishing parts of existing railing or balustrade and copying styles from our past, demands great skill and sensitivity.

Metalcraft enjoy an enviable reputation for appreciating the craftsmanship of earlier designers and fabricators, and faithfully reproducing their work. This extension of the life of the original brings its own rewards and great care is taken today, at Dumford Street, to keep this tradition alive.

Projects can range from replacing a bell pull, originally made in the 16th Century and adorning the Hampton Court Palace, to railings at the Tower of London, ornamental gates for the Royal Albert Hall, to the reinstatement of railings around entire London Squares such as Grosvenor Gardens, Bramham Gardens or Princes Gardens shown above.

Our involvement at the early stages of your refurbishment project will pay dividends since our experience and advice can be invaluable.